An event that holds the promise of being timeless and iconic, The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses is the setting of a second-to-none show. Extraordinarily outstanding artists, singers, and dancers will grace the eyes and hearts of the thrilled guests, who will enjoy a splendorous, opulent display of craft, reaching the peak of the evening. Heavenly melodies, grandiose dances and thrilling performances will take the fortunate guests inside a dreamlike sphere of their compelling Valentine’s gala. As the air will shine with a halo of love and rapture, the evening will truly feel like entering a fantasy fairy-tale land. Imagination will be set free by the beauty and the sparkling air of this evening, which will fill every single guest with wonder. Riveting artistic performances, astonishing background movements and astounding carouses will excite the hearts of the guests in enchantment, as only the lived experience will be able to convey. It will be simply impossible to resist dancing and twirling in exhilaration, merriment, and bliss. No one will feel second to a King or a Queen, a Prince or a Princess entering the magical space of fairy-tales.

The performers of the event will make magic whether through singing, juggling, dancing, or playing music. Closely attuned with this one-off lovely show, the audience will enter an ocean of magic and charms, with the extraordinary performances of worldly renown entertainers. Undoubtedly, performers will reel the audience into the magic of their mastery, and the interactions between the artists and guests will take the thrill of the performances to another level. Furthermore, splendiferous dinner setup to follow will consummate the show in such an enthralling way that it will emulate the feeling of dining at a royal banquet hall.
This evening will be a golden moment for Monte Carlo, and those who are blessed to bear witness to this magic shall find it simply incomparable to any other event. A fantasy is but a fantasy unless one enters the land of Monaco on the eve of Valentine’s Day, to watch it come true at the grandest Ball that will remain in collective memory, as a moment that will happen once but will leave an endless nostalgic halo!

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