We proudly present an elaborate stage performance, bringing the audience a splendid sensory experience starting the moment they step in, and continuing throughout the night till the wee hours of the morning. More than 70 award winning artists, musicians, acrobats, dancers, and more, will succeed each other in a continuous five-hour long mega spectacle from Venice coming together to celebrate the splendor of La Serenissima.   The evening promises to be full of surprises, amusement and glamour, with delicious meals and fine wines, allowing them to indulge in a stimulating dream world.

It will be the party of the season, filled with superb entertainment through eye-catching performances that will keep everybody in awe, with festive cocktails enjoyed while dancing the night away, and an exquisite gourmet dinner paired up with fine wines. Live music, art, food and beverages will stimulate all the senses, transporting guests into an emotional and magical journey. Each tableau of the show will become an invitation to rediscover symbols and places of legendary and mysterious Venice from the Renaissance to the 18th century, in a crescendo of visual effects, fascinating dances, sublime music and top artistic performances worthy of the best musicals bringing guests to a place where time ceases to exist.