The Show

We proudly present a stage performance that exceeds the level of a show. It brings the audience a splendid sensory experience that starts at the front door with different levels of performance to a world where theatre, performance and audience become a single entity. The mega five hours continuous show is going to be held in Monaco where more than 70 artists, performers and acrobats from Venice will come and celebrate the splendor of this land. This evening will be full of surprises, spirit, glamour and appreciation. Along with food, wine music and splendid performances, guests will have a change to ignite their feelings. They will indulge themselves in a dream world with the performances of award winning artists. They will share their ideas giving guests a high energy and stimulating their inner figurative sense. Luxurious environment and dazzling personalities will stimulate experiences even more. 

The party of the season is filled with entertainment and attraction with sensational eye-catching live performances. Festive cocktails will be enjoyed while dancing the night away. People will get emotional and feel absorbed seeing their favorite superstars performing one after the other. These artists will be framed together as thousands of glittering LED lights. The audience will enjoy with them sitting back or dancing along them in the aisles. Nothing is more satisfying that than a delicious food, dazzling performances and interactive sessions with charismatic people. Here attendees will find themselves doing things they have always dreamt for. They will enjoy the heat around them in the winter season during this popular event of the year where live music, art, food and beverage all will be brought at one place. The show is set in an extraordinary magical epoch and takes audiences on an awe-inspiring and emotional journey. Each tableau of the show is an invitation to rediscover symbols and places of the legendary Venice from the Renaissance to 18th century. A crescendo of visual effects, sublime music, fascinating dances and artistic performances worthy of the most famous musical comedies brings to a place where time no longer exists.